The Institute of Future Studies for Development is an institute with over 30 years’ continuous expertise and experience in research methodology, impact assessment and analysis of projects and policies, behavior model design and forecasting using qualitative and quantitative tools at both macro and micro levels.

The Institute has experience, both in Thailand and other countries, in the study of several topics such as the economy, society and administration for government, state entreprises, the private sector, business and international organisations.

Aims and Scope

The objective of the Journal of Future Studies for Development (JFSD) is to promote the foundation of futuristic knowledge, innovations, and the development of futuristic research tools that are beneficial to students, researchers, technocrats, teachers, lecturers, entrepreneurs and other interested people. In addition, this journal will contribute to the country’s future development.

The focus of JFSD is futuristic research that is relevant to multi-discipline oriented future studies and the development of tools for scenarios forecasting. Such research covers several areas including economics, business, finance and investment, society and the environment, political science and governance, technology and the integration of the three sectors (the public sector, the private sector and the people sector).

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